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In 2002 the German company Unionmatex using the factory’s capacities commissioned the production of cotton cellulose with a capacity of 30 thousand tons a year and costing approx. $50 million.

            The Fargona Kimyo Zavodi LLC was established in 2012 on the basis of the Fergana Chemical Plant of Furan Compounds.

            The company is one of the largest producers of cotton cellulose in Uzbekistan. Our products is used as raw materials in many industrial enterprises. To date, 80% of our products are exported, the export geography includes Türkiye, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Serbia, and other CIS countries.

              The cotton cellulose is the raw material for production of carboxymethylcellulose and other simple and compound ethers, as well as for cosmetic, pharmaceutical (high hydrophilic cellulose absorbents, tampons, disposable linens, towels, napkins, toilet paper, hydrogels-diapers, medicines, cosmetic products, dressing materials, haemostatic cellulose powders, dissolving films, surgical sutures), paint, food, construction, chemical (viscose-manmade fibres, cellulose film, film for sausages; acetates-artificial silk, cigarette filters, packaging films, moulding material for eyeglass frames, paints and varnishes) petroleum refining, paper (paper for banknotes, paper with watermarks, cigarette paper, filter cardboard and filter paper, office paper).

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